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I happen to think the request on his part is reasonable and not manipulative.
Part of being partners, is caring for needs that may be "above and beyond" SOMETIMES.
Two months is a long time compared to two days. But two months is a drop in the bucket compared to a lifetime commitment....

When I had an emotional breakdown-no one (not just not girlfriends, no friends no family etc) came into our home for almost 6 months-except the people who live in it.
Furthermore-my partners didn't go ANYWHERE except to work. They have opposite schedules and they worked their schedules around being able to supervise me and the kids.

No dating.

It sucked. For me and for them. But-in the long run-big picture-it was worth it to all of us-for my LIFE. For OUR life.

Likewise; When I had emergency surgery that knocked me flat on my back for 8 months-there wasn't any option of "going out" on a date, which meant if they wanted to see anyone else-those people had to come here. Because I couldn't take care of myself much less the kids. Another adult HAD TO BE PRESENT. Period.

Two months for him to finish the culmination of education so he can get a job and have a future with you. Not an unreasonable request.
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