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Wha???? If you are physically healthy, why did you take something for your sex drive? You expected it to change your orientation? Wha??? You sound confused inside.

Regarding your knew you were asexual before you were sexually abused???? At what age were you aware???? These are some serious issues at work here. Anyone "grossed out" by the wetness of sex definately has an emotional issue, ala....anal, OCD, whatever. I know a guy who thinks most things having to do with the body and fluids is "nasty". That's his psychological issue. That's his hangup. That's why he only had sex with his wife once a year, that's why he's now divorced.

You seem to misunderstand and misrepresent my position. I don't give a flip about people's orientation. I don't have two reasons for someone being hetero and I don't care. I do care about people and their problems however. There are plenty of them to go around. There are only two reasons for asexuality......physical..... and psychological/emotional. If you don't make love then you don't have "lovers", IMO. Yes, you may "love" someone, but they're not a lover if you don't partake, may agree to disagree, but I believe most of the world would be behind me on that one.

And, btw....if you have sex....any kind of sex, even if it's meaningless sex to make your sexual partner happy.......then you're not asexual! You may not enjoy it but you're not asexual.
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