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Originally Posted by lvfcs View Post
........... Last time I said we had decided to go separate ways, well, the separate ways became a let's stay friends. .........

Any advice on breaking up in a V?
Well Sweetie,
If you think about it, "friends" would only be what one would expect- right ? I mean, all 3 of you were important people in each others lives. That fact that everything couldn't be tweaked to fit everyone's personal dream/vision - well it just happens sometimes. That doesn't lessen what you did have.

As hard as it is (and it IS very hard) it seems the objective would be to rise to the occasion - show strength and maturity - exhibit the characteristics that YOU would admire in someone else were the shoe on another foot.
With respect in place you can never tell what the future holds.

And I agree with the others who said time is the only solution. And lots of tears. Tears shed not so much for what WAS, but what we dreamed could be.

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