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Originally Posted by AlwaysGrowing View Post
People tend to misrepresent themselves online, so until you've experienced each other in various situations (both IRL and online) then I don't know how you can KNOW you're in love.
Yep. The feelings you have may be real, but it's way too easy to project and fantasize about a person who is nothing more than pixels on the other end of the computer, or a voice on a phone. It is too easy for someone to always put their best foot forward through media, they can cherry-pick what they show you about themselves. I'm fascinated by the show (and film) Catfish, where these poor souls get it into their head that they're in love with someone they've "met" online, only to find that person doesn't even exist. Their heartbreak is real, while we watching wonder how they could possibly have been so na´ve.

I'm also aware this might be a generational thing. Internet dating is still new to me, but I think for younger people who grew up with social media permeating their lives, it seems to be more accepted that one can "fall in love" though the computer.
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