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I think *needing* something is what brings us together as humans. We all have the same needs. Its what bridges our differences throughout the world. What I think the point about needing a hug was that there is a need there to have physical contact from those we trust. And to give hugs in return to those we love. That isn't dependance, its what makes us vulnerable and human. All positive and all good.

Back on topic... I don't hear any talk of this phantom other womans feelings and thoughts. What of her? Any new person adds a new dynamic. She's not some new toy that can be shelved after a good fuck and cuddle. Sorry, this just kinda bugs. Its all very well to be lonely and want others in ones life, but there needs to be respect, in my opinion, for everyone involved. I just don't see that in boyfriends intent. I get that he is lonely, but I am hearing that you are also not getting what poly is about and being selfish.
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