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Originally Posted by Keepinghidden View Post
In a site overly infested with trolls it's nice to know there are still some nice people.
There actually aren't many trolls here at all. They show up but they never last long. What there is a lot of is people with strong opinions. Sometimes opinions clash and discussions get heated. But that doesn't make the person with the unpopular opinion or tactless delivery a "troll." It's your own fault if you can't control your emotions well enough that you allow them to get under your skin.

Just because london pisses you off doesn't make her a troll. She's been here way too long with way too much resolution for a troll. She interacts with the world in a way that a lot of people find abrasive. She argues in a style that many people find stubborn and frustrating. But she's honest about who she is and what she believes, and she doesn't try to manipulate people with guilt trips or resort to name calling. I don't always agree with her. Actually, I rarely do. But I respect her for standing up for her opinions and not backing down just because they're unpopular.
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