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One more week at my current job, and I am so ready to be gone. I'm going to miss some aspects of it, but mostly my coworkers are driving me insane. I've worked 40 hours in the last 3 days. I had an 8 hour break between shifts this morning and this afternoon. When I get back, the lunch I had left in the fridge very clearly labelled was completely gone. My fruit, veggies, and leftovers from Hubby making me dinner the other day. Really, people?!

Hubby and I are doing well. We've been discussing all kinds of things and trying to more clearly understand how the other relates to people and things.

Lady is spending the night with Hubby Saturday night. I'm staying with Boy since he doesn't want me to be uncomfortable, apparently. Not that I'm complaining.

Looking forward to life becoming routine.
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