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Making snap judgements about people is getting it wrong. On multiple times I have seen you attemp to police other peoples relationships by YOUR standards not theirs, by YOUR relationship dynamics not theirs and based on YOUR experiences not theirs.

Treat people as people even if you *meet* them online, rather than just attempting to attack their behaviour. My girlfriend has jealousy issues - yes - but I specifically said I was not looking for people telling me to leave her or attack her behaviour. I wanted to understand it, I want to help her and make our relationship stronger.

Galagirl DID help. She helped me understand jealousy by explaining the link between jealousy and fear. This also put it in a huge amount of context for me with respect to her anxiety and she also provided some references to further reading.

Mark this down as one of those times when you have messed up, accept that I have seen you do it before, try to think about how it has angered me and hurt my girlfriend (and others) in the past... Basically just learn from it. Adjust your behaviour and cut out the snap reactions.

Most importantly understand that everyone is here to share and learn more about themselves. This has the potential to be a fantastic resource for the community but if you ATTACK people for their behaviours when all they are doing is trying to learn from their behaviours then you do nobody any favours.

Because of your troll like actions specifically my girlfriend actually stopped using this site. Just think about that before you start typing