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I think this is an excellent idea. Through all of my researching into Poly, most of the references are about multiple partnering, which I don't think is what my husband or I am looking for. Although the integrated families idea is appealing, and as we make our own rules this could be plausable.

Our current goals, beside working on our own issues, is to learn as much as we can about the lifestyle before really jumping in, although my feet are already wet. If things don't work out with my friend, I'm not sure how actively we will pursure a triad even, which currently would be my ideal. I never liked the "dating scene" and I suppose you could call me, up to this point, a serial monogamist. I prefer being in a relationship then just dating. Although as a growing person, I'm willing to make exceptions as long as it stays within the agreed boundaries.

I think I would prefer a triad, perhaps even a house sharing triad. I would love for both of my men to be "Primaries" although that kinda goes against the meaning of the word, but that is how I feel about both of them. I wouldn't want my "second" to feel any less loved or appreciated than my legal spouse.

Mono: I wish my friend would spend some time reading your posts and seeing how a monogamist actually can be a part of a poly relationship. I know not all men or mono's can get to the point you have reached, but you give me hope that someday, perhaps my friend will get there...or at least he'll give it, and us, a chance.
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