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You know Ariakas-that is true, Maca ALWAYS struggles with "feeling old" ESPECIALLY at birthday time.

I on the other hand had my bday in March (turned 35) and was THRILLED. I don't feel OLD, I feel damn accomplished!
When I turned 35 I was thinking-HOLY SHIT I MADE IT!
Because at 16 when I had my daughter, I was thinking OMG WILL I LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO RAISE THIS KID? My life was a wreck, I was a freaking wreck.
But I got my head out of my ass (pretty much overnight) and put my working clothes on and worked my ass off.
She turned 18 in September, I turned 35 in March and both events resulted in "DAMN, I didn't think I could make it!" Followed shortly thereafter with "And I can't fucking believe I did such an amazingly good job!"

I look at my youngest (2 1/2) and I think-shit, I did such a freaking awesome job with the oldest-I can DO this. I have so much more knowledge under my belt, so much more experience, SO much more confidence....

It seems like I'm finally "living up to my potential".........

Is that odd?

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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