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A little update after a month has passed again.

The move is getting closer and we start to actually plan for everything thinkable and unthinkable. Or to put it better - we try to Of course there will be some hiccups when we are at it, we don't have a lot of time as well, because a week after our relocation date Lin's parents will visit us in our new home. We couldn't plan for it any other way and thankfully there are no huge repairs and renovations waiting for us, but it will be a close shave.

I am so looking forward to making this house ours. To shape it into something that reflects us and our style and to finally have a place, and a big one at that , that is ours. I realized that being a family, providing for a family, is closely connected to living in our own home for me. I can't wait to renovate and decorate the room for the babies

Speaking of them, they are well. It will be a boy and a girl and we found some names as well, for the present. We aren't a 100% sure yet, but I like them. Since two weeks ago they started kicking and boxing my belly, but as I have one plazenta up front and one in the back, they are well cushioned and I wasn't able to notice their movements any earlier. My mother started knitting jackets and little outfits and socks for them and some friends send the first clothes for the months after birth. Those clothes look sooo tiny, I can't imagine how they will look and fit into them and how to handle such little beings. But I am excited to find out.

The men are in nest-building-mode as well. Even though Sward is fighting with a tight schedule, as always during this time of the year, he already started the first necessary steps and preparations around the house and helps out the old Lady with getting everything in order in time. Lin is planning our most urgent renovations, colour schemes, furniture positions, materials and the organisatory things like telephone, internet and such. What leaves the official stuff to me I can't count on how many documents I have put my signature.

Beside from all the happy news, Lin and I had a fight. Hm, well, not really a fight, Lin had to clarify something. It was an old story that came to hunt him down two weeks ago and he confessed that he lied to me about something about his past all the time we knew each other. It wasn't something important in general, but the lying itself was a bit hard to swallow. As I could totally understand and reconstruct what brought that lie to life initially I was quickly able to let it go, especially as it was connected to his past and had nothing to do with me or any part of his current life. He always felt bad for twisting the facts concerning that point but never found the right time and oppotunity to tell me about it.

Those would be all the news for now, I guess I hope you had a wonderful Easter and wish you well. See you around.
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