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Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
With total respect to everyone here, I had to snort and roll my eyes at the concept that you might need therapy or counseling.
Not everyone benefits, especially those who are convinced it's all bullshit. But I personally believe that everyone can benefit from therapy or counselling, if they have an open mind to it. It doesn't mean you're deeply disturbed or an emotional basketcase. It just means you're human and you have room for improvement. The most fucked up, toxic people I know are exactly the ones who think they don't need no damn therapist, they're just fine thank you very much.

A good counsellor (emphasis on the good) or life coach just gives you an objective view on your situation, with the ability to sit down and go back-and-forth in a way that something like an internet forum never would. You get to incorporate body language, which speaks so much more about our emotions than words ever will.

I agree that if it's just simple jealousy, that's one thing, and you can just deal with it. But "deep fears and insecurities of inadequacy" are not indicative of regular "everyone gets jealous" feelings, IMO.

To me, it's like the emotional equivalent of "go see a doctor." People on the internet can't diagnose whether that weird bump on your back is cancer or just a pimple. You need a professional to figure that out. If it's just a pimple and you go see a doctor, then you'll go home feeling silly but you'll be healthy. But if it's cancer and you don't go to a doctor because people on the internet said it's just a pimple, well then you've got problems.
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