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Originally Posted by london View Post
Imagine a homosexual person who has a string of overlapping, volatile and unhealthy relationships going to visit a therapist. The therapist condemns every relationship they are in, have been in or are considering being in because they are abusive and unhealthy. It would be very easy for that homosexual personto walk away thinking this therapist is homophobic when in fact it's just that homosexual person isn't in a place where they recognise how bad their relationships are.
I agree with this. As sessions have gone on, I have seen that she was truly concerned while trying to counsel my husband and I, that she didn't think we would work but wanted to try to help us from the therapy points that she could and leave her personal opinion out of it.

While some of my relationships have obviously not been healthy, she did also straight out say she has never seen poly work. But...maybe I can educate her a bit as well.
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