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So, Dan Savage says he has never been invited to a 5-year poly anniversary (I think I read that somewhere on here)...

Today is Dude and I's "official" 3-year anniversary (from when MrS gave his "blessing" to us ... not including the "jackassery" time from my other blog) far, so good, and getting better . I now acknowledge that we have been together for "more that a minute" and we understand each other on a deeper and more meaningful level as time goes by. (NRE is long over and we still love each other as we "really" are.)

Not that I would invite Dan Savage to our anniversary anyway - but a 5 year one is not out of the question .


PS. Our "official" anniversary date is actually an arbitrary day somewhere in the general vicinity of our anniversary that we decided upon last year (two years in) due to a random event that happened this day a year ago. None of us remember the "actual" date ... it was after my birthday, before CrazyGirl's birthday and a few days after MrS wrecked the car.
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