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Originally Posted by tinylove View Post
" Hey J invited us to her son's birthday party , Do you want to go? "

I do not even know her, let alone her kid. So it looks to me as if it is a way in so to speak.

I mean do people usually go other peoples kids birthday's when they do not know them?
Yes, I used to do this. As the guy in a relationship, with an ex-wife who had a boat load of female friends who loved reproduction, I was forced to go to lots of kids parties. It happens.

So I just feel like he is seeking them out to re connect which is what is bothering me.
You said what you need to do, talk to him about it and figure out why. Maybe, devil advocate alert, there is some unfinished business that he needs to reconcile to fully close the book on the relationships past

Have I confused you all completly?????
Nope..not yet
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