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The trip with Joe and Minijoe didn't exactly work out, they went to the wrong entrance and there is no connection across the park and of course no phone signal. But my 2 and I had fun. Did the loop twice so we could go back through the caves with flashlights. Had our snacks, climbed rocks and got an ice cream.
I was pretty wiped when we got home, gym in the morning and then lots of walking up steep hills and climbing stairs plus a longish drive, but I had offered to make Prof dinner, so I did.

Ms Text update is that she was on 72 hours at the beginning of the week but has rallied somewhat. All her family has arrived.

Interesting moments with Prof about how he is coping. He said he is trying to disconnect a little emotionally. He believes that if you spend too much time with someone who is dying then when they go a part of your spirit goes with them. I said that is one philosophy, he said no, that is what happens, some of your spirit dies with them. I let that drop.
I don't believe in spirits and souls and the like, I believe in the memories and feelings and particularly words that loved ones leave behind.

He said he really enjoyed dinner, he pretty much did the sauce and a salad dressing, he likes cooking. It was veggie heaven, stuffed peppers, fresh artichoke, veggie pasta and salad. And said he was glad that he had someone who cared enough to cook and watch classic sci-fi with. We kissed, cuddled and talked for a while in bed till I fell asleep and then he left.
No idea when I'll see him next, his brother is coming for a couple of days. Lots of time in the city and popping back to take care of his business. He is still on leave from his salaried job.

Kip has a coffee date tomorrow. Good for him. I find myself quite happily not all that interested in what he is doing in the dating world. I still doubt he is being totally truthful. As long as I take care of my health, he can do what he likes.

I did get some basic STD tests run. All clear.
Me: mid 40s female.
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