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Love? And note: they don't share the guy. He's married to one and is the other ones brother. The women have lots of fun when alone and then occasionally the man comes home to his wife and sister and they are both happy to see him. The three of them are close and care for each other and love each other, but the brother and sister don't have a sexual or romantic relationship going on.

The triad has existed for a very long time and all three are happy about it. I'm not writing erotica nor will the sexual aspect be emphasized at all (there might or might not be a discussion about "how on earth does it work for you" at some point. They are just friendly neighbors, and at some point of the story the main character learns of their love and living arraingments (and reacts with "Oh, oků good for you I guess. So how about this thing we vere talking about?"). Also these are and will not be main characters in my story. Just a little extra. So I will not need to delve too deeply on the details of their relationship. But I might need these people in my future stories, so I want the premises to be thoroughly thought out.

But after KC43s comment I went back to the drawing board and started to wonder why they need to be siblings (or cousins). It's because of the last name. I wanted them all to have the same name.

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