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I'm normally very non-clingy, and clingy people usually drive me away faster than anything. Gralson was an exception, we basically moved in together on our first date and spent the next 2 weeks inseparable, but that was completely out of character for either of us. Everyone else I've dated since then has been more my regular routine.

Auto is very needy, she readily admits it, and when we started dating it almost scared me off. She would express that she'd like to see me more and that she believed she was getting mixed messages, not unlike what the OP is describing here. Fortunately her husband was able to keep an objective POV and got her to realize that if she kept it up, I was going to hit the road running. Now she's grateful that being in a relationship with me has taught her romantic independence. We're able to appreciate the time we do have, and although she's always the one who misses me before I miss her, we've got a good thing going.
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