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The fact that it's only been two weeks and you have already found a pattern in his becoming distant is a little confusing to me. Did you guys see each other non-stop for the first 7 days and haven't talked for the second 7 days? I can pick up a new video game and go off the grid for a week... it doesn't necessarily mean much. Most likely he's got other stuff he needs/wants to be doing and so he's doing that stuff.

[Edit: nycindie made this exact point lol]

However, this sounds a lot like puppy love run rampant, but only on one side. If he's not interested in a lover he just met then I'm wondering if he's really interested at all? Generally the NRE in the first few weeks of a relationship can be seen from space.

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Have you tried just asking him?
If all else fails, ask the person who can actually answer the question accurately!
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