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Default I can relate, but

I am living your situation right now and I am okay with it. We just met a few weeks ago and Hook was very upfront with me on the amount of time - this is time to text me, call me, see me - that he has right now. He works in construction and as I know from working for a company like his...and this weather...long work days etc and Hook has a family so I am not a priority for him.

What has been nice is when I do start to over think our current status quo...he'll text shortly after (like he read my mind or something) and either tell me he misses me (he asked for a new face pic of me) or this was just awesome on Tuesday, sent me some bare chested pics of him.

You have to decide what will or will not work for you. Yes, I would like for Hook and I to get all gaga/NRE with each other and ignore our obligations/responsibilities so we can spend a lot more time together, yet that is just not going to happen and I accept it and work through it when I think too much about it.

I have decided I'm still "open and looking" and that if I get asked out for a date I won't be saying "no"...why should I?

Maybe that's what you need to do as well. Keep the door open and just be content with what you have and if you're not content, then either ask him point blank what he wants in a relationship with you or don't ask and be upset.

Good luck!
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