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All of the earlier info still applies, I sit here, staring at the screen and key board and my mind seems to shut off... so this is going to be a bit of a ramble.

I have thought of a few scenario's where a husband/wife couple might be a happy match.

Like my own situation, the woman having need for female relationship, a man who works away from home for high percentage of the time, (my male spouse is a truck driver) I will refer to him as primary because IF someone tried to manipulate the situation, the existing commitment will take priority. I keep my promises to the limits of my power to do so, thus I can not make a promise/commitment that would break/violate an existing promise or commitment.
I alone have veto power in my relationships (aside from God, if the Almighty slaps me down and says 'No', I am cool with that.)

Aside from attraction to another female/me, a love for the off grid power/ back to nature life style-- growing our food, raising animals and so forth is important. That's how I live, not will to leave it.

Over all the most important issue for me is honesty. I can not stand for the- say one thing, want or do something else- (shaking my head, that pisses me off)

I think our situation would be very good for a younger couple learning how to deal with the wife's bisexual needs. I have no sense of "competitive drive" for lack of a better way to say it. I am all grown up, very experienced and I do not expect a young woman to want to stay with me for the rest of her life, if that works out, wonderful. We are a good match for someone one who would, other wise be home alone, while pregnant or while raising children.

My lack of female companionship is a result of my unwillingness to lie, or mislead to get laid. I want a relationship, not just sex. In fact I can be happy without the sex... not without the honesty. Added to that is the fact that although I am male ID'ed (gender wise)... I look female almost all the time.
I am not ... repeat not... attracted to masculine appearance in a female. I respect the value of the person, but I feel no level of desire toward masculine energy or appearance.

I need a woman who likes a female appearance in her lover. Who likes being feminine. Who needs and wants to "be the girl" in a relationship and enjoys a physical level of worship.

One reason I have not pursued a male/female couple to build a relationship with is because of something I do not fully understand, men who have been fine with their female partner being involved with another female, have not responded well to me. My spouse says I come across as masculine enough to, make it feel like another dude is taking their girl. I can understand the dynamic is different for, a girl with girl, involvement than it is for a girl with boi /boy. I do not know exactly what it is that I am doing, that makes it that way.

I have described to lesbian friends that being with me is more like making love with a man who no penis, than girl on girl sex. That's just the way I am.
In therapeutic evaluations I score as FtM transgender, male in a female body, but I will not ever transition to a male body.

I can not related to people who think of sex in negative terms, to use words like 'dirty', or as if it is shameful is a major turn off to me. I think sex and the bond I need before I will even try to get there, is joyful, empowering, beautiful, sacred, and precious beyond words.

well... that's all I have for now.

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