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Originally Posted by Smiles View Post
Seems I got this wrong here...

I think k your bf can't make that leap away from his wife.... Something keeps him there.....As it seems you are losing respect for him anyway...he's a pussy to you... So his life, his wife doesn't and shouldn't matter anymore to you....

I think you are ready to let him suffer in his own misery.

Houseboy? That's why my wife wants me around.....
I guess this seems harsh but true....but I'm not ready to walk away either. I contemplating fading into a sexual attraction is gone for the moment and that makes me sad.

I suppose, if one wants to stay on as a houseboy to reap the benefits of long term friendship (and for you, you have a child so that's much different) that is ones decision. Its just likely that people that get very close may not want to watch it. (that's more a comment on hi mthan you Smiles)
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