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Default Whoops...

Aha. Choplet's status is still there. It just got buried in Facebook's "highlights" mode. Hitting "Show All" brought it back. Gotta love FB's filtering. Not.

Now, if it would only stick with "Most Recent" instead of whatever the heck it thinks I *want* to see, we'd be good.

And to answer your question, WhatHappened, I will admit that I misremembered the exact comments, but the gist was that a joke was made about disassembling the model (truck), Xena (who figure models) made a joke about not disassembling the model (her), and Choplet came back with, "That's dad's job". She said Chops does a good job of it, and Choplet replied back with "like father like son".

Not explicit, but yeeeccch... on both sides. On a public status, visible to Chops' 13-year-old daughter and other family members. Maybe I'm a judgmental prude and there's worse stuff on TV, but still... it just seems wrong to have that level of discourse with my partner's kid to begin with.
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Choplet: Chops' son
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