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Default Third Confusion

My partner is very new to polyamory, he started trying it as something for me since I was having a very hard time with monogamy. He slowly accepted it and then he started enjoying it and though neither of us are ready to become a serious V or N yet there is a girl he sees every few weeks. (And active with both of us once) She is extremely respectful of our primary relationship to the point where she sat us both down and made sure she was respecting the boundaries and that everyone was okay with the arrangement. She has also made a genuine effort to be friends with me and theoretically is great.
However (or else why would I be posting?)
I have run into them a few times when they have been spending the evening together and each time she refuses to make eye contact with me and will even step behind my boyfriend and try to hide.
The few times she has spent time with me she is nearly silent yet my boyfriend tells me of involved conversations they have every time.
Finally she will text me to make plans that day but I am very busy with work and being a full time theatre student at Uni so more often than not I need advanced warning. However, when I try to ask her for her schedule she won't reply nor will she give me the advanced warning I've asked for.

These things really bother me. I'm not particularly jealous of her or the time they spend together and I do like her as a friend. However I've started to feel like a big bad wolf to her and I am wondering why this might be or what I could do about it?
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