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Last week didn't go as I expected, really...

Lady and I had a perfectly nice time spending a day together, BUT we both recognize that we connect to people in different ways that don't mesh. So... It's awkward, and neither of us know how to change it.

Boy ended up picking me up after my day with Lady, and I spent the evening/night cuddling with him. We went to dinner, where he held my hand or had his arm around me as often as possible. We rented a movie we'd been talking about seeing since it hit theaters. Cuddled up on the couch to watch it. Then I took a shower while he got laundry put away and such so we could go to bed. Normally I help him with laundry, but I felt so gritty after spending the day outside. We're hitting a domestic stride that we had when we dated previously. It's weird and comforting and kind of disconcerting. I don't want to default into a relationship, and I don't see myself ever feeling the same kind of love I felt for Boy before. We're supposed to talk this week, so we'll see how that goes (I said something mean when I was in a bad mood, felt horrible, apologized profusely, and have promised him a nice home cooked meal before we talk). I think he's to the point that he wants to figure out what exactly we're doing. I suppose that's fair.

In better news... I got a new job! It all happened quickly, but I'll be starting as soon as my background check and drug test comes back. Woohoo! Monday through Friday wonderfulness! My current boss was kind of a bitch when I called to tell her, and I'll be handing in my official written two-week notice today with a lot less sadness than I felt immediately after learning I got the new position. Sad that a job I could love a ton is ruined by a few people.
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