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Going to post in chronological order...
Saturday night with Prof. He came round early for him.
They are preparing Ms Text's "Escape Plan". Doesn't seem like it will be much longer from what he said. He seems ok, tired and stressed but coping.
I suggested meeting for lunch, I would come up to him, but he said he wanted to try and stick to regular Wednesday night. He said it is a break. He played with the "squids" as he calls them, for a while. He brought take-away so we ate that and talked. Watched tv and held hands, he mixed me margaritas and I was a bit tipsy. Talked about Ms. Text here and there. He asked about Joe, I said it was going well. He said I am his only sex partner right now. The others have fallen to the side. We did have some good sex. I was surprised, didn't initiate myself in anyway.
I am glad he sees me as a retreat and escape and feels comfortable and connected to enough to spend his one night in town with me. I was quite prepared not see him for an extended period of time.
It's just a strange position to be in. I would like a little rule book of what to do and how to behave under these circumstances. But I seem to be doing ok with the right and appropriate amount of contact.

Sunday, tennis and park in the am and then my other friend had another birthday event in the afternoon, so I called Joe and said want to do a group kid outing? It went really well, the kids got on great, my 2 enjoyed Minijoe and Minijoe enjoyed being the boss. We took kites, got tangled, rolled down hills and the kids wrestled for ages.

It is Kip's birthday tomorrow, he is coming to spend the day. I booked the car in for its very overdue oil change and service so took a day off. The timing was not coincidental He will pick me up from the garage and spend the day together. I have made him a chocolate whiskey mousse. He loves mousse. And got him a little gift.

I am seeing Joe again on Friday, we are both taking the afternoon off. I am going a bit crazy this week!

Prof on Wednesday and if he can't make it, will work hard on class.

I am picking away at class this week , I had a nice break from that the week before as they were on spring break, Would be nice if everyone could coordinate the same vacation time!
Me: mid 40s female. currently in a monogamous partnership with;
Mr Dom: late 40s. 1 year.
Prof: recently ended open relationship.
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