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Default feeling miserable

this is probably not the best moment to post, and I apologyze to those who hate tears. Last time I said we had decided to go separate ways, well, the separate ways became a let's stay friends. I've been crying the past half hour because I dont know how to be friends with him. I miss him, and being honest, any interaction with him doesnt feel 'friendly' like. Now, you must ask, why are you doing that to yourself? Because I dont want to lose him complete and I dont want to lose their friendship. These people were friends, very good and dear friends before we started as a V. So of course it's easy to stay friends with her, because that's all we've been. But I dont know what to do with him. In true, I dont know what to do here. I am even considering that if we tried again... I dont know.

Any advice on breaking up in a V?
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