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Originally Posted by izziestars View Post
Whos idea was it to start a poly relationship?
.. came in stages.. we agreed to an open relationship in the bar we met at. We went home and enjoyed a 3 week "relationship" which continued after she went home 5500km away.

We "agreed" on poly because we both fell for the same girl we were sleeping with. Unfortunately our agreement with that girl was strictly sexual.. and luckily, she was smart enough to not get involved with us. She wanted monogamy, marriage and kids...

She just happened to like to fuck.. haha..

After falling for her, and then not able to be with her, we started exploring poly.. intitially as a unicorn hunting couple and then as individuals. We evolved in our own timeline and it worked really well. Its part of the reason I don't judge unicorn hunting couples.. it really is a good first step..

How does yours work (do you get different days, do things all together)?
Like all things in life, there is absolutely no pattern, we figure things out day by day.. hour by hour..

If we can plan 2 weeks in advance, and can keep those plans, we are happy people..

I want to be in a relationship with my best friend and his ex. BUT I don't want to do anything sexually with her(I just love her company and affection) would this work?
Sure.. but she has to want it to.. it kind of sounds like "friendship".. which of course is a type of relationship

have you been able to end a poly relationship and stay friends after?
Do you stay friends with your ex's?.. this is an individual question. I am virtual incapable or remaining friends with ex's.. just isn't in my makeup and not something I care to fix.

I have been able to step away for a long period and come back around as friends. But I needed that space.

how does it work when children are involved?
How does any relationship work when kids are there. Life and priorities get scheduled are the needs of the dependants. You take the time you can when you can, where you can..

Ideally.. everyone likes kids, so a day at the park with kids is like a date to a drive in movie where fun sexual activity occurs. You have to make do..

im sorry for all the questions but I want to gather as much information on other peoples experiences as possible so I can make an informed choice on what is best for us. thanks
Questions are good, but all of these are better suited to ask yourself. How do most of these situations work for you now.. and they will likely continue even in poly...
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