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Whos idea was it to start a poly relationship? When nate and I met I was poly and told him its what I wanted in our relationship

How does yours work (do you get different days, do things all together)? Currently I spend sat. And Mon nights with sam. Nate dates but doesn't have a girlfriend other than a few fuck buddies he sees whenever he feels like

I want to be in a relationship with my best friend and his ex. BUT I don't want to do anything sexually with her(I just love her company and affection) would this work? Sure, its called friendship

have you been able to end a poly relationship and stay friends after? Sure

how does it work when children are involved? Works the same as any other relationship. Take time introducing children to others and be open about who they are to you

im sorry for all the questions but I want to gather as much information on other peoples experiences as possible so I can make an informed choice on what is best for us. thanks[/QUOTE]
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