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Whos idea was it to start a poly relationship?

My husband's when I started thinking of leaving the marriage due to my wandering eye.

How does yours work (do you get different days, do things all together)?

I see Murf on 95% of his days off. Both their shifts suck. We do holidays (part of the day) together, kid events, and crisis situation.

I want to be in a relationship with my best friend and his ex. BUT I don't want to do anything sexually with her(I just love her company and affection) would this work?

Not is she is not interested.

have you been able to end a poly relationship and stay friends after?

No but I do not tend to keep exes in my life in general.

how does it work when children are involved?

Murf didn't meet the kids until we were together 6 months. He slowly became more and more involved in their lives. He just slid in like he has always been there. They go with me to his house if Butch is working to spend the weekend. They attend Murf's family events. We have a relatively boring normal family life.
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