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i dont think she is if im honest. and i never thought i would be but to me the situation seems right for it.
he isnt my boyfriend unfortuantly even though at times we act that way.
i personally would want things kept seperate aswell. me and him, her and me, me and her(not sexually)
although would be happy to do things with all 3 of us togehter. she has already mentioned a sexual experience between all 3 of us.
its all very new and sightly confusing to me right now. i need to gage everyones reaction and see how they individually would want things to happen. then talk to them both about it.
i think he would be happy
there are issue there but they are being worked on and i am helping with that also. i just feel this could be the next stage in the relationship between all of us. i truely beleive if we respect to the upmost everyones wishes for how they want things to work.

i am debating finding someone else for me to be invoved in a vee (think this is the right termination) and seeing how things work first before aproaching either of them about the situation. and what i want.
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