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Default Clarification please....?

Originally Posted by GreenGecko View Post
For years, I've claimed LR as my best friend, and I am hers. But now that we are BF/GF, there's this...expectation that I never understood, and partly still don't.
Originally Posted by GreenGecko View Post
I realized tonight that this is what Maca has been talking about all along. He told me a while ago that we (LR/ I) can't be "friends" anymore. It's different now. But I don't know how to have a loving relationship with someone who isn't my best friend.
Originally Posted by GreenGecko View Post
But does a S/O know someone better than a best friend?
The last quote is the one that baffles me the most... how can you ask that question if you say you don't see a difference between the two??

Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you're saying GG, but you seem to be referring to you and LR being "best friends" as something from the past and referring to her in the "now" as being a GF/SO instead of a BF. It seems to me (and I could be wrong) that you were comfortable in the past with her being a BF that you were also romantic with, but that her becoming your GF/SO has altered your relationship with her to where you don't see her as both. You seem to see her as you saw your past GF's... because you are not TREATING her the way you used to treat her as your Best Friend.

Originally Posted by GreenGecko View Post
True love knows no bounds, I believe that fully. True love needs no promises either, although we still make them.
Ok... so what is the difference between "true love" and "true friendship"??

Originally Posted by GreenGecko View Post
If they were hanging over a cliff and I had to let one of them fall, it would be Getsueh because I'm not in love with him. (And I know he'd expect me to do that)...
So... that seems to be part of the answer. Your true love is the one you'd save, the one you CAN'T live without. Your true friend is the one who would understand why you'd choose your true love over him. Your true love does NOT seem to understand why you say you'd choose her over your true friend, but when she needs you... you don't.

What OTHER ways do (or should) the relationships differ?? Because it is clear that you do differentiate. You just don't seem to be comfortable with the change in status she has now that she has gone from BF to SO.
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