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Prof is coming round tonight, he is in town for the night. He wanted to go for dinner but I have the kids and we have been out most of the day with Roomie and his 2. We all are tired, good fun day kind of tired. I couldn't imagine trying to find a sitter and getting ready to go out.

Joe's son enjoyed meeting me and wants me to come back soon and help with his homework. I am glad first meeting went well and am more than happy to do homework help.

I suggested we do a Brady Bunch expedition next Saturday and gave a few ideas, Joe thinks that would be great. The kids are not all close in age but hopefully minijoe will get enjoy it.( Minijoe is the best nickname I could come up with. )

Hopefully will see Kip a couple of times next week. We have both been trying to do more than one meet a week but struggling with the times. We aren't chatting much on IM anymore. I miss it and told him so. He said he can't so much as his minion is with him most of the day, hence trying to meet more FTF. I will be quiet at work due to many away for spring break and can take some time.

Apparently the job I am all keen on is already gone, they will advertise and interview because they have to legally, but a friend told me today who has taken the position. I will still apply and interview because I haven't interviewed for a job in years, so good practice and preparation for the future. And I can ask the boss for an interview review after for some pointers. Bit of shame but there it is.
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