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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Besides, 22 and 27 are BOTH "young".

I have to say I get a kick out of people in their 20's referring to other people in their 20's as "older" or "younger" than each other. And at the risk of sounding even MORE condescending and patronizing (but in a GOOD way, I swear! ), I used to do the same thing when I was in my 20's!
Yeah, I'm not even 30 yet, but I do the same thing with teenagers... laugh my ass off when a 14-year-old calls a 16-year-old "old"...

I don't FEEL old. I just "think I feel" old because I'm married, I have a mortgage, a degree even though I'm back at school. But no one at school ever realizes I'm 28, they think I'm the same age as them, about 20... and I guess that reinforces your point, that there's not much difference between 20 and 28. Certainly not as much difference as between 10 and 18, or newborn and 8 years old. But still more difference than between 30 and 38, I think.

Actually, what makes me feel old the most is having a husband who will be 40 next year. Now THAT'S OLD *tongue in cheek*

LoL, it reminds me of how when I was little, I used to ask my mom what it was like in the "olden days", convinced that they still used horse & buggies and oil lamps when she was a kid... For some reason, she found that offensive :P
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