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Thanks for the input

So far, our opening up to the possibility of a poly relationship has also had positive impact of our own relationship. We have always had great communication skills, but I think we are both feeling even more open with each other recently.

In fact my husband had a break-through this week with one of the issues/questions he was having. "If she is giving love to someone else, am I getting any less?" Being logically minded he did the "calculus" and discovered that love is not a zero-sum game. Love is infinite. And this epiphany has opened him up to the idea of poly even more because he wants me to be happy and sees that he really isn't losing anything in the process.

And on another note, my friend? He and his girlfriend broke up. I'm proud to say that I'm not doing a happy dance (score one for compersion), but again, there is that little kernel of hope that maybe, just maybe, he might lean my way time, of course.
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