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Default Befuddled...

Originally Posted by GreenGecko View Post
So, now I'm lost in trying to figure out what the "responsibilities" are of a S/O versus a best friend.
Ok... so LR is MY best friend in the way that "G" is your best friend. No romance involved. You don't live with him, I don't live with LR. We've never been romantically involved even tho we're both bi, our relationship isn't on that level.

But what if we decided to take it there?? (Completely hypothetical and notwithstanding the prior discussion we'd both have to have w/our SO's etc.)

What changes would YOU expect to see in the way that I am "there" for her now (and she for me) and the way I would be "there" for her (or she for me) if we became best friends AND SO's? Would you honestly expect for things to stay EXACTLY as they are right now between us, except she & I would start having sex & have dates and be more affectionate in front of others? Is "romance" really the only difference you see in a SIGNIFICANT relationship vs. a FRIEND relationship?

I can't answer the question for you either, but if you think about it from that perspective maybe it will shed light on your own relationship with her. Honestly... how do you think it would (or SHOULD) change the relationship between she & I if we were "romantically" involved vs. friends?

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