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Read in a fb conversation; "non-monogamy is always an affair even if everyone agrees to it ans it always has negative and hurtful consequences...non-monogamy has been a basic wrong since the beginning of time regardless of personal beliefs or religions etc...this is my experience over 30 years of life..."

Um... OKAY so you haven't met anyone who is capable of honest and forthright responsible non-monogamy.
BUT you also evidently live a VERY sheltered life if you aren't aware that monogamy as you know it hasn't been around more than what? 100 years at the most?
Cause men having sex outside of marriage wasnt always considered adultry.... Oh wait-and it wasn't always rape if they fucked a woman who wasnt interested either.
Oh and wait a minute-how much of the world still practices polygamy?
Good gried did u take any history?
I learned more in Sunday school than to believe monogamy BETWEEN SPOUSES has been a "social expectation" or norm throughout history.

Eye roll.

(I did not vent this on them. I did respond with a few choice remarks. But nothing rude)
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