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Default boyfriend of ilove2men

this is my personal stand on going poly.

like bubby says, its a time stickler for me. i would not be poly if any other situation but this arrises. i am afraid that when i get closer to bubby and fiancee that i will want more than what is possible. its a big fear, considering. as a possibility i will consider another to focus my needs on. and yes like a jerk i did phrase it so that it translates to if i need more of my bubby and i cant have anymore then i will try poly.

Up until this morn we were a poly-fi. and i have no prob. with that.ATM. but if im still feeling ghosts in my bed at night, then it leaves me very little choices down the road. lol choice A. join a fight club (ive been frustrated lately, this also means a hobby) B. become poly so i can have the only woman in the world who makes me feel this way =) still be in as much of my life as i can have(i know greedy). or C. break crack and everyone gets a rash cause i cant cope.

i know that for anyone that i introduce into my life that it will not be fair to them that i have "SPACE" because im greedy.

please do not be gentle. just be honest in your replies.

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