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Default my personal rules

I have a number of personal boundaries as solo but the most important are-

1.) Own your own shit. - I'm willing listen to your issues and understand them but don't expect me to own them .

2.) My relationships are independent of each other. I'm willing to meet your other partners but don't expect me to be bff's or have contact with them. I will chose my own friends, just because we're F***ing the same guys doesn't mean we have anything else in common.

3.) Don't expect to stay at my place longer than 48hrs - I am independent for a reason and feel suffocated if people are around longer than that.

4.) Don't expect me to be your "dirty little secret" when we're out on a date and we run into someone you know, don't walk away from me and have a conversation with them for 20 mins, expecting me to be waiting on the corner till your done. Introduce me as a friend but don't pretend I don't exist.

5.) When your with me, I expect that you will be with me, not texting and talking on the phone to your other partners, if you can't be away from each other for a few hours without contact, you really don't have time to be with anyone else. (Emergencies' are an exception).

6.) Check your couple privilege at the door. There is no room in my world for it. If you have rules that you expect me to honor then I expect mine to be honored as well.

7.) You have your kinks and I have mine, don't expect me to be into the same things as you or try to force them on me. I'm straight and not interested in threesomes. and you might not be interested in mine - that is why we have other partners.

these are just a few that I have for myself . I don't tend to date anyone in a coupled relationship any more because to getting burnt in the past. I prefer to date other solos now.
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