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My ideal has shifted. I used to want a big, happy poly family all under one roof or on one property with multiple homes.

Now I question my ability to share a home with another woman. Not completely out of the question, but I just don't know how I would handle it since I'm fairly set in my ways and enjoy having my own domain.

I guess my ideal at this point would still be everyone I care about (and the people my people care about) living in close proximity -either shared property or within walking distance - of one another. I'd love to share a home with Hubby and another partner of mine. I know Hubby is comfortable with this idea for the future.

I think Hubby wants kids, but I don't really want to have any of my own at this time. So, my ideal would include him having a second home with a partner who wants children as well. In theory, with the right person, I could share a home so he wouldn't have to split his time at all and the kids could have both/all (if I'm involved in a parental role) parents more accessible most times. I wouldn't mind coparenting, I just don't want to pass on my shitty genes. I also wouldn't be opposed to adoption, but I don't know that I will ever prioritize having kids enough to make that happen.

Being able to have the extended family network together for holidays, birthdays, occasional game nights, etc. is important to me in the long run.
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