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I am in love with two men.
I want to show each of them the depth of my love in ALL WAYS.
I want to share the deep connection that happens when you HAVE a connection AND you make love-because it's even more than the WONDERFUL connection we share when we aren't making love.
My children (18,14,10,2 1/2) are MUCH happier when mommy, daddy and GG are happier.
They are well cared for, they never have to go to daycare or a babysitter or a public school.
They don't suffer from lack of income to pay for their comfortable home, the food they need, the clothes they need, the little treasures they want (even though I've been in medical limitation from work for 6 months now) because there are 2 men providing income to provide those things.
They don't get left out when mom and dad go on a date, they get date night with GG.
They don't get left out when GG and mom go on a date, they get date night with Daddy.

We're polyamorous, not PEDOPHILIAS so they don't participate in our sex-lives and couldn't care much less about our sex lives then they do about the state of the weather on mars today!

That would be something along the lines of my response..................
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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