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How long did you know M (can we get nicknames instead of initials) before marrying him? Why do you live in a tiny apt?

Seems to me you thought you'd be compatible when you were long distance, but the poly bomb, tiny flat and unfortunately falling for D have fucked things up.

You could put D on hold for a while. Sometimes too many outside stressors can make trying to manage 2 relationships seem almost impossible. Could you get some couples counseling with M? Could you move into a bigger flat/house? Maybe you like escaping to D's place because you're overcrowded with M?

I feel kinda bad for M, since you dropped the poly bomb on him, while you were engaged, before you were married, then fell in love with someone else (NRE explosion) a month after the wedding, then didnt move in together until Feb, and now you're too crowded. That is a fuck of a lot to deal with! I think since you were committed to M first, you owe him the consideration of giving him time to adjust to poly. A slower pace. But if you want an even faster pace, more dates with D, sleepovers, maybe you would be better off breaking up with M so he doesnt have to keep suffering.
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