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Yeah, I responded that it wasn't true. My mom complained the entire time she lived wih me - always about something. I remember the first time my sister came to visit. She was amazed at how large and bright my parents' basement apartment was - my mom had made it sound like a dungeon. She told my mom she was crazy and that she would love to move in and have me take care of her. It really is a nice space, with a walkout patio separate entrance, so my dad's scooter could be driven outside and he could have some independence. Also, one of the reasons we choose this house is that the city has a bus stop at the end of the street and it costs a dollar to ride anywhere. My mom rode it exactly zero times.

Anyway the fact that she is saying things like this to my extended family isn't a surprise, but to have my brother post it as truth upsets me a great deal. I have been thinking of unfriending them all but it just seems so aggressive. I mean, at one point I moved over a thousand miles away to get rid of their drama in my daily life, and even now I am a state away. Right now I am just letting it all go here and trying not to be anxious over things.
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