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I'm VERY curious to see maca's reply to this. He's not online right now-but I'm VERY VERY curious.

He doesn't have a girlfriend.

He did talk a LOT at the beginning about it and my impression was that it was a "if you have one then I should too" attitude, with no consideration to actually WANTING another lover or consideration of LOVING another woman.

BUT-then he decided he didn't want one "right now" and I don't know exactly where he is now...

SO I'm curious what HE would say.

For me-I think that we all have to learn in our own way-and it sounds like he has a lot of deep soul searching to do.

BUT if it's only about "you have one so I want one" there is likely to be a new Third on the board pissed off and angry about her feelings being less than important................
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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