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Inyourendo~ Lily (L) *specifically requested internal skin to skin contact be between she and I only. * If you meant using the 'withdraw before you cum' practice thats another thing. *That option isn't on the table due to the little swimmers that jump the gun before the big bang.. ****That is meant tongue *in cheek*** *please don't take offense if I misunderstood you.
Lily recognizes that Tahiti (T) & Juno (J) *are a constant in my life and will be in the future still once she moves here. *
I believe she wants/needs something to make her feel special. *In my mind she is already unique and special and I try to show her that. *Apparently not enough.
*I am now willing to accommodate her wish with the understanding & effort to replace that need for another meaningful aspect. *I'm hoping this will be 'fulfilling' for her, and I look forward to finding something mutually special/sacred between us.

Loving radiance~ I think your agreement with new partners is very rational. *
Lily acknowledges she can be possessive, *she and I both know that I'm hoping with continued & consistent assurances from me, she will further her faith in us. Hopefully in time, the 'monsters' she encounters will be rationalized away and become mere shadows of insecurity and fear.
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