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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Does his university offer health insurance? I know mine did, but maybe because it is a city college. I think many colleges and universities make insurance available to their students. Has he looked into that?
Mine and my husband's did as well - mine was a public/state school and his was a fancy shmancy private school.

Definitely something to look into... Both offered affordable coverage (neither of us needed it at the time, but I've always liked knowing my options just in case) that was fairly comprehensive.

FWIW, I really don't see the big deal about you and Blue getting married. If you and Pink decide you do want to be married in the future, or if she is the one that needs insurance after Blue gets more established, or if something else unforeseeable happens that changes things, you can always get a divorce and marry Pink. Or get a divorce and have a commitment ceremony with each and all remain legally unmarried but be spiritually married.

If you want to include Pink or help assuage her concerns, maybe make more formal plans that show how the marriage is going to affect xyz (mostly financial, probably) but not abc (time, emotion, etc). You said Pink and you are not in a place to "get married" (or have a commitment ceremony type thing) but what about doing something that's the equivalent of a promise ring? Whether it be an actual, physical thing that you give her or a romantic night/weekend for just the two of you to give her some focused, extra special time to feel cared for and important?

A side question... You mention that Pink goes to more academic -related things (potentially work as well) while Blue goes to the family things because he's known them longer. Pink's family is very important to her. How does she feel about being excluded from YOUR family, then?
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