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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
<GROAN> Yeah, really. That just tells me he's quite insensitive and more than a little dumb.

Keep moving... Next!
Yeah... I was pretty amazed at the insensitivity.

Today, I am feeling kind of weird. I want to be out doing something, but at the same time I want to be home curled up the couch with a good book. So far, I've settled for somewhere in between - running a few errands with hubby before he went to work and getting some housework done.

My coworker wants to hang out, but we're signing up for a gym and I can't do that until tomorrow (I can get a discount but have to wait until tomorrow for the paperwork).

Yarn wants to hang out, but I don't have a vehicle tonight and she doesn't want to drive to me. So... We're having this weird conversation since we're both kind of in limbo about what to do.

Boy is having some stress issues and is kind of driving me nuts. I'm thinking we won't see each other this week, which is kind of a relief and kind of disappointing since it'd make curling up on the couch so much more satisfying to have someone to cuddle with.

Lady and I are hanging out on Friday. I'm excited and worried since we've never actually spent this long of a time together just the two of us. She's cooking dinner, I'm bringing dessert. Here's hoping it turns out well!

I'm applying for new jobs. Buying another car this week, I hope (have one in mind, just need to get it inspected and try to get them to lower the price a bit so I can do registration and all that and stay in the budget I set). I just want to sleep, but there are so many little things to get done.

I just feel... meh.
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