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Its required by me that my partners use condoms with others, the exception would be if they were in a committed long term relationship where their other partners were using barriers with others. So when jane and nate were together, they went barrier free until she got a live in partner.

So if nate met some lady who had multiple sex partners and and he only saw her a couple times a year it just makes sense for him to use condoms with this casual sex partner. Of course at any time if he wanted to go barrier free with others he could but the consequence would be that I would choose to begin using condoms with him after that point.

I think it's unreasonable for L to demand you use condoms, especially when she isn't your regular sex partner. Now when ahe actually moves there then perhaps renegotiate. For instance if t&j had multiple s ex partners whom they are barrier free with that would make me uncomfortable. That would mean I would have to trust they were being safe and all the people they were barrier free with was being safe. Honestly the whole thing kind of squigs me out with.

But either way ahe does realize that even with a condom there will still be skin to skin right?
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