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Default Your thoughts on condom boundary.

Question: *Is 'required' condom usage a reasonable request/boundary for oso's by ones primary?

Background : My primary girlfriend, 'L' (50) and I (52) have known each other for 3 years *are in a long distance *relationship (she lives in Texas and I live in Florida). *We see each other about twice a year and talk & text multiple times daily. *L is planning on moving to FL within Two years.

We have worked through difficult periods of her polyfear, *I am poly, she is mono. * However, she now recognizes, albeit a strangely foreign feeling to her, that some poly aspects are appealing to her. * We are stronger for our perseverance and determination to find ways to make our relationship a joyful one and are happy that our relationship is deepening. *

L entered this relationship from day one *knowing I am poly and that Ive had an intimately close relationship with a mf married couple, T &J, *for over 10 years.
T&J and I are tested, fluid bonded and do not use condoms.
L has come to accept T&J as part of my life. She has not met them yet. *L recently said that because she was my 'primary' girlfriend she wanted to be the only one to have skin to skin contact and wanted me to use condoms with any oso's. *
I'm uncomfortable with this. *I've known T&J for a long time and would feel taking the intimacy of skin to skin contact away would be a slap in the face of our long enjoyable relationship.

I'm interested to know other points of view.
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