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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Interesting how you put the big disclaimer on kink, and then call energy work "mystical hooey." I can forgive it, because it's like any sense. I could no more expect a blind person to understand the "mystical hooey" of sight or a deaf person to understand he "mystical hooey" of sound, or for any of us to understand the "mystical hooey" of navigating thousands of kilometres using the Earth's magnetic field for a map.

It's something I would love to study scientifically and somehow measure or quantify, but I'm not a neurologist.
This thread isn't about you or about me. It's about trying to help the OP figure out her husband's response and how to deal with it. I had hoped my reaction, as a profoundly vanilla person, to recent developments in my wife's relationships might shed some light.

My reaction to my wife is slightly complicated, and perhaps idiosyncratic. His might also involve factors other than jealousy or resentment or fear.
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